The National Lighting Test Centre (NLTC) is a key partner of the UNEP/GEF en.lighten initative in collaborating to accelerate the global phase-out of inefficient incandescent lamps and encourage their replacement with energy efficient, high quality products. In September 2011, the Global Efficient Lighting Centre – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Energy Efficient Lighting (GELC), was launched in partnership between UNEP and the NLTC at a formal ceremony at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Global Efficient Lighting Centre is located in Beijing, China. GELC is a non-profit organization running as an independent third party. It is a specialized and accredited facility that provides lighting testing, training, advice, quality control and capacity building support to the developing and emerging countries. It has been established to promote the rapid development of the energy efficient lighting technologies around the world.

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Whether to implement the global phase out of inefficient lighting products or transform the lighting market, promoting the high quality energy efficient lighting products is one of the most significant elements to successfully achieve the potential energy saving goals. As a professional technical lighting organization, the GELC does this by offering the service of providing lighting testing, training, advice, quality control and capacity building support, especially to the developing and emerging countries ..

Quality control Laboratory capacity building Training Applied Research Technical advisory and information sharing

UN Under-Secretary-General Mr. Achim Steiner Visited GELC

On December 3, 2014, the UN Under-Secretary-General, UNEP Execute Director Mr. Achim Steiner, ......

Global Efficient Lighting Forum

Beijing (China), 30 May 2014 – the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced ......


Electricity for lighting is responsible for approximately 15% of total end use electrical consumption and 5% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Shifting to efficient lighting technologies would cut the world share of electricity used for lighting by over one-third which would save enough electricity to close more than 250 coal-fired power plants worldwide. Few actions can cut carbon emissions more easily than the phase-out of inefficient lighting, making it one of the most effective and economically advantageous means to combat climate change.

The en.lighten initiative addresses the challenge of accelerating global market transformation to environmentally sustainable lighting technologies by developing a coordinated global strategy and providing technical support ......

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